About Helen Harrison Nutrition

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of the latest evidence-based research on nutrition using the Functional Medicine approach to provide an individual with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle program to promote health.

I use a number of tools to help identify potential system imbalances and how these may be contributing towards symptoms and health issues. Nutritional Therapy may help a wide range of issues from chronic illness at one end of the scale to those simply wanting to enhance their health and wellbeing.

These are some of the concerns that Nutritional Therapy can support: Low energy, immune health, hormone balance, stress, skin health, inflammation, joint health, disease prevention, weight management, menopause support, gastrointestinal issues, sleep issues, general wellbeing and healthy ageing.

How I practice and my philosophy

As someone that loves their food I am a big believer in adding food in rather than depriving or restricting. My preference is to adopt a food first approach using as wide a variety of foods as possible.

My philosophy in clinic is focused on:

Time – we have plenty of time to discuss all of your health concerns in a relaxed environment. 

Food first – optimising your health using simple and achievable food that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

Evidence based – using the latest scientific and evidence based research to guide decisions in clinic – not using fads or current health trends.

Functional approach – trying to identify the root cause.

Collaborative – any changes to your nutrition and lifestyle are agreed, achievable and importantly enjoyable.

Honest – I don’t always have the answer and will say when I don’t know – I will help you in finding the answer which may be with another practitioner or expert.

Lifestyle medicine; it’s not only about nutrition – I take a holistic approach and work with a focus on sleep, relaxation and exercise. When appropriate I suggest functional testing in clinic and may recommend supplements when necessary. No one client is the same and all plans are personalised to the individual and their unique set of circumstances.

Private Clinic

Before coming to see me I will send you some paperwork to be completed and returned before the appointment. The initial consultation can take up to 90 minutes; we will agree your goals, explore your health history, current health issues, any medications, food and sleep habits as well as stress levels. After the session you receive a personalised health plan with recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.

Follow-up appointments

Once a program has been created and implemented, a follow-up appointment is usually recommended 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation with support consultations beyond that time if necessary.



Helen Harrison Provides Evidence-led Nutritional Therapy in Richmond upon Thames

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